This map shows the proportion of the genome inferred to be Denisovan in ancestry in diverse non-Africans. The color scale is not linear to allow saturation of the high Denisova proportions in Oceania (bright red) and better visualization of the peak of Denisova proportion in South Asia. Sankararaman et al./Current Biology 2016 Archaeology Biology 

Modern Humans, Meet Your Denisovan Ancestors

By Norman Rusin A new map of archaic ancestry suggests that some present-day humans derive more of their ancestry from Denisovans than from Neanderthals. The discovery may explain some developments and positive adaptations in modern humans that occurred only in some parts of the world. And it may also explain some of the causes of reduced male fertility. The research, published March 28 in Current Biology, suggests that many modern humans  around the world, particularly of South Asian descent, may derive up to 5 percent of their ancestry from archaic Denisovans,…

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